The “laissez-passer” is a travel document issued to Algerian nationals not registered at the Consulate General to enable the beneficiary to return to Algeria, when their passports are either lost, stolen or expired. It is also issued to newborns in the USA whose Algerian parents are temporarily staying (visit/tourist) or do not have a legal immigration status in the USA. The laissez-passer has a short duration not exceeding one month (30 days) and is valid only for returning to Algeria, by the shortest route and for a one-way trip.


  • Laissez-passer application form duly filled out and signed;
  • Two (02) recent photographs;
  • Flight-ticket.
  • A return self-addressed envelope in case the document is to be returned by mail


For adults
  • Proof of Algerian nationality: such as a passport, or Algerian national identity card or military card with photograph);
  • The damaged Algerian passport;
  • A signed statement explaining the damage, loss or theft of the passport, issued by a Police Department.
For newborns and minors
  • Proof of the father or mother’s Algerian nationality (example: passport);
  • The original Birth Certificate of the child (Full version);
  • If the father is Algerian, his authorization for the issuance of the laissez-passer is needed if he is not present at the consulate premises, otherwise It must be:
  • Legalized by a notary if the application is mailed, or
  • Legalized by an administrative officer in Algeria (Commune), if the father is in Algeria.


Civil status documents, such as birth and marriage certificates, family book, driving license or any foreign documents are not acceptable, as they don’t constitute evidence of nationality. The laissez-passer request must be submitted to our services at the latest, 72 hours before the departure date.