Message cg

Welcome message from Brahim CHENNOUF

Consul General of Algeria in New York

On the occasion of my appointment as Consul General of Algeria in New York, I am particularly delighted and honored to extend a warm welcome to all our Algerian fellows, American friends and visitors of the Consulate’s General website.

It is with great enthusiasm that I carry out my new post, where I am willing to ensure the protection of the interests of our community members and our country.

It is my sincere hope, also, to work in close collaboration with Algerian associations and volunteers to strengthen and preserve mutual aid and solidarity between the members of our community.

Under the leadership of my predecessor, the Consulate General undertook several activities at the prospect of developing strong partnership with the United States of America, and offered through such interactions a better knowledge of Algeria. Counting on our compatriots’ potentialities, support and devotion, I am very keen on expanding these actions with a view to pursue cultural, educational, scientific and economical advancements that would open doors of opportunity to our country.

Finally, I would like to assure you that the Consulate General staff is fully dedicated to better serving you and working assiduously to respond, in an effective way, to your concerns and requests.

Brahim Chennouf