Commercial Documents

The Consulate General of Algeria in New York offers the legalization of commercial documents destined for use in Algeria. The required documents are:

  • Original document to certify by the Consulate signed by a company official and notarized by an official notary,
  • Authentication from the Department of State ( Sample) ,
  • Translation of the documents to certify either to French or Arabic by an official translator,
  • Seventy five dollar USD (75$)USPS money order per each document,
  • The object of the contract or the business transactions must be notified,
  • Certified return envelope if the documents are mailed for process.

Other documents 

  • The original and a copy of the document to legalize,
  • Two fifty Dollar USD(2.50$)USPS money order
Loss statement
  • Loss statement form PDF (Arabic, French),
  • Two fifty Dollar USD (2.50$) USPS money order
NB: For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at or by phone on  (+1) 212-486-6931  Option : 3