Algeria is often claimed to be the crossroads of four worlds Mediterranean, Arab, Amazighand African. It is a multi-faceted country with a diversified and rich cultural heritage as evidenced by its millennia-long history.

Ancestral monuments and historical sites rightly make Algeria a land of wealth. Dating from the Phoenician period, the Numidian kingdoms, the Roman to the Muslim and Ottoman eras and the French colonization, the material heritage of Algeria conveys a snapshot of life through history markers frozen in time.

Algeria enjoys a rich arts and crafts history. It is notoriously known for its intricate carpet weaving and delicate pottery work, and has a long tradition of excellence in wooden sculptures, Copperwares, Ceramic art, basket making and jewelry design.

Literature, in its various forms, makes up an essential staple in the Algerian culture. It is influenced by other cultures, notably, the ancient Romans, ArabsFrenchSpanish, and Berbers.

To learn more about the cultural heritage of Algeria, we invite you to visit the Algerian cultural heritage portal. This comprehensive portal serves as an entry point to a wide range of various materials setting out the Algerian physical and intangible cultural heritage and much more on the Algerian identity.

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