National Service



Contact information:


212-486-6930, 31 or 32 Ext 206

We do not answer phone calls on Mondays and Sundays (our weekend). Please call the emergency number in case of emergency (see contact us)

Military Service Office,

Consulate General of Algeria 15 E 47th Street, New York, NY 10017

Military Service:

Conscription or national service is a mandatory military service for all Algerian male citizens aged 19 years and older who are in good health conditions and not suffering from any kind of physical or mental disorders.

Q.  I am 17 years old male Algerian citizen living within the consular jurisdiction of the Consulate General, what should I do?

  1. Census: All male Algerians who have turned 17 are required to enroll themselves on the list of military service census by sending a birth certificate original copy. Failure to enroll will result in losing all rights to deferment or exemption.
  2. Deferment: All male Algerian students aged 19 years or older are required to apply for deferment.
  3. Exemption: Male citizens who abandoned or finished their studies or reached the age of 25 can apply for exemption.


A citizen is considered as “disobedient” regarding the military service if:

1- He reached the age of 25 and did not enroll himself or show up to medical selection.

2- A draftee did not join his military unit after he has been called upon.

To avoid any inconvenience and to preserve all rights to deferment and exemption, we urge our fellow male citizens to:

A- Register themselves at the age of 17 on the military service list.

B- Apply for deferment for the ones aged 19 years or older and are following their studies.

C- Apply for Exemption (military card) for the ones aged 25 years or older.

Q. What should I do if I lost my exemption card?

You can apply for a duplicate.