Celebration of Youm El Ilm

Youm El Ilm means the Day of knowledge and also science. This celebration which is held on April 16th coincides with the passing of the reformist and Islamic leader Abdel Hamid Ben Badis who devoted his life to the reform of religious practice and education, especially for women in the country which is the reason why his name is associated with modern Islam in Algeria.

On this occasion, the Consulate General would like to extend its best wishes to all Algerian scholars, teachers and students who were and still are our guides to enlightenment and the champions of development and progress.

The Consulate General will celebrate this day jointly with the Algerian American Scientists Association-AASA through the organization of the third edition of Youm El-Ilm Science Fair Competition on April 21st, 2018 from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM. The venue to host this event is located at Consulate General of Algeria headquarter 15 East 47th Street new York, NY 100017.

For reservation and more details please visit the website at: https://aasa-web.org/portfolio/2018-youm-el-ilm-celebration/

It is worth to mention that this year Youm El-Ilm and Science Fair Competition were included in the activities to celebrate the Immigrant Heritage Week-IHW 2018 organized by NYC Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs. To read more about this event please visit NYC website at: www.nyc.gov.