Visit to Philadelphia

My first visit to Philadelphia was a memorable event. Once again, I had the opportunity to reach out to our community members; I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for those who were able to be present on the 8th February 2017. It was both enjoyable and informative. I would like to give special thanks to: Dr. Hocine Fetni, who took the time to meet with me and offered a tour of the Penn’s historic campus in Philadelphia with friends and colleagues. The Algerian café at Passyunk Avenue was a great opportunity to discuss the challenges facing the Algerian community. We enjoyed meeting with some of you.I especially appreciated the very warm welcome and the delicious Millefeuille enjoyed in the Algerian way with mint tea! “Pizza Stadium” offered the best Algerian Pizza flavor in the USA the crust was great, we enjoyed it very much in a pleasant atmosphere!! All the best for the future of our community!