UPU: EMS Champion Post Algeria wins second international Award

APS – 20 Juin 2020

ALGIERS- EMS Champion Post Algeria, subsidiary of Algerie Post, won its second international award, the “Customer Care Awards,” given by the Universal Postal Union (UPU), said Saturday the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications in a communiqué.

“For the second consecutive year, EMS Champion Post, a subsidiary of Algerie Post, specialized in the transport and delivery of mails and parcels in express mode, won the Award “Customer Care Awards,” a programme organized annually by EMS Cooperative, a body of the Universal Postal Union, in order to encourage and reward EMS exceptional performances provided by the postal operators,” said the source.

During 2019 “EMS Algeria met all the eligibility criteria for this prize, the evaluation was carried out through UPU information systems,” according to the source.

“EMS Algeria has also showed once again its commitment to providing an excellent service to its customers and global partners,” added the source. UPU congratulated the managers and workers of EMS Algeria through an official correspondence.