Registration Renewal

Please note that the documents needed for the renewal of the consular registration are the same as for the first one. However, and in order to make things easier, some documents will not be requested, such as the birth certificate (unless there is a change in the applicant’s situation).

Required Documents

  • Renewal registration form,
  • Expired Consular Registration Card,
  • Two (2) standard passport-size photos. Photos must be recent, frontal-view, of the same batch, untouched, taken on white background and showing applicant wearing no glasses of any kind, except for prescription eyewear (Please write first and last names of applicant in pencil on back of photos) ,
  • Notarized copy of a document showing the legal presence in the US, such as: Visa, Alien Registration Card (“Green Card”) or copy of US passport,
  • Statement of employment or school registration (if different from previous registration),
  • Self-addressed stamped envelope.
  • Prepaid return envelopes MUST be certified mail with tracking number.
  • Name of applicant MUST appear as the SENDER and RECEIVER of the mail on the air bill.
  • We do not recommend FedEx and UPS since they do not collect mail.

N.B: Applying by mail is an option offered by the Consulate General. When choosing this option, you acknowledge of being aware that the Consulate Generalof Algeria in New York shall not be held liable for any delay, loss or damage caused by shipping carriers.Please be reminded also that you must write your name and address as both the sender and receiver of the return envelope you provide.