Registration of Kids

Consular Report of Birth of a child (of a Citizen of Algeria) born in the 44 States of the United States of America under the consular jurisdiction of the Consulate General of Algeria

When a child is born in The United States of America to an Algerian Citizen parent (born to one Algerian citizen and one alien parent) or parents, certain documentation is required in order for that child to be registered as an Algerian Citizen.

Please provide the followingl documents.

  1. Descriptive Form(Born in the US).
  2. One (01) original official American birth certificate (To avoid delays, please present adequate long form) issued and executed by the state`s City Hall  where the child was born (make sure the name as shown on the birth certificate is as you want it to appear on the Consular Report of Birth, especially how to write it in Arabic language).
  3. Evidence of parents’ Algerian citizenship, such as an Algerian passport, original birth Certificate, or naturalization certificate.                                                                   
  4. The Family Book ( Le Livret de famille   )
  5.  Parents’ official marriage certificate.