The Consulate General only accepts payments by USPS MONEY ORDERS and in the exact amount of the service requested.

All money orders must be made to “Consulate-General of Algeria” and must contain the name and address of the client. Each individual service must be paid with a separate money order. Cash, personal or company checks, certified checks, bank or personal money orders, and credit or debit card charges are not accepted.

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NEW RULES FOR MONEY ORDERS In compliance with an order from the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States, the Consulate will only accept money orders containing the bearer’s name and address, according to the sample below. The field “memo” on the left must be filled with the name of the service that is being requested (visa, legalization, etc.). The same rule will apply to services sent by mail or through visa services and expeditors. Money orders that do not meet the new requirements will be returned with the documents that were submitted and the service will not be processed.