Passport Pickup and Delivery


When your biometric passport is ready for pickup you can either take it from the Consulate Location or request its mailing. Please note that the mailing of biometric passport came as part of the Consulate’s ongoing efforts aimed at providing quality services and considering the specificity of our consular post (Distance and traveling difficulties for our citizens).
When walk-in bring:
  • Your Receipt,
  • Your Old Algerian Passport,
  • Your Birth certificate 12s ( It will be returned to you after printing the NIN).
When requesting its mailing:
    • A notarized Sworn Statement,
    • Receipt,
    • Original 12S ( If the NIN is not Printed),
    • Old passport,
    • A prepaid priority mail , certified mail or overnight mail return envelope (regular mail are not accepted).
      • Prepaid return envelopes MUST be certified mail with tracking number.
      • Name of applicant MUST appear as the SENDER and RECEIVER of the mail on the air bill.
      • We do not recommend FedEx and UPS since they do not collect mail.

N.B: Applying by mail is an option offered by the Consulate General. When choosing this option, you acknowledge of being aware that the Consulate Generalof Algeria in New York shall not be held liable for any delay, loss or damage caused by shipping carriers.Please be reminded also that you must write your name and address as both the sender and receiver of the return envelope you provide.

  • Presence of children aged less than 12 years old is not necessary.
  • A paternal authorization when the mother is picking the kids passports.
  • In case of divorce, a Court Order with full custody and guardianship delivered by the Algerian competent authority when the children passports is picked up by the mother.
  • When the father is not Algerian the mother is the one to pick up the passport.