Military Service regulation

Our nationals born between January 1 st and December 31 st 1993 as well as nationals born before 1993 who abandoned or finished their studies on or before December 31 st , 2013 are hereby informed that the Ministry of National Defense has launched a new operation of regularizing their status vis-à- vis the military service. Concerned citizens who did not get yet their exemption card are required to send a new application including the following:
  • 1 copy of Download application forms
  • 1 original copy of birth certificate
  • 1 copy of consular card
  • 1 copy of the last obtained diploma, school certificate or certificate of abandonment.
  • 2 standard photos.
Please include also a prepaid self-addressed return envelope to send you back the certificate of drop off (attestation de depot) We remind our nationals born between January 1 st and December 31 st 1999 that they are required to enroll themselves on the list of military service census by sending one (01) original copy of birth certificate to the Consulate General before September 30 th , 2016. Failure to enroll will result in losing all rights to deferment or exemption. Citizens who want to get a registration certificate must include a prepaid self-addressed