Meeting with Algerian associations

The Consulate General of Algeria in New York organized at its headquarters on April 1st, 2017 a coordinating meeting with representatives of Algerian associations and community active members. The purpose of this meeting was to coordinate, exchange opinions and discuss the possibility of creating a community network to facilitate contact between Algerian associations, community members and the Consulate General. During this meeting the attendees agreed on the importance of establishing a common action plan on a short and long term aiming to increase cultural, social and economic activities dedicated to our community all over the USA and to reinforce their relation with mother land, Algeria. This first of its kind meeting was also an occasion to exchange experiences and work together to empower our community, better address its concerns and meet its expectations.


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  1. Great initiative and good luck. Lets work together to help our community in the US why not be the first to initiate a great collaboration with back home to give something back to our Mother Algeria.

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