Marriage/Divorce Registration


The marriage of Algerians Nationals that occurred within the 44 States that are under the Consulate General of Algeria jurisdiction can be registered at the Consulate General of Algeria in New York . A family book (livret de famille) is issued after registration free of charge . Please take note of the important following information :

The spouses are both born in Algeria, must provide :

  1. Descriptive Form CS-CGNY-TUS44M001,
  2. Original American Marriage Certificate,
  3. Originals full birth certificates for both spouses (validity less than 03 months),
  4. Copy of Identification (passport, ID card or Consular card).

The Algerian bride married a non Muslim foreigner , must provide :

  1. Certificate of Conversion to Islam issued by a mosque or an association agreed by the State,
  2. Full copy of the groom’s birth certificate,
  3. Original full birth certificate of the bride (validity less than 03 months),
  4. Copy of Identification (passport, ID card or Consular card),
  5. Descriptive Form CS-CGNY-TUS44M001.

The bride is a non an Algerian citizen , must provide :

  1. Original birth certificate,
  2. Photo Identification (copy passport or ID card).
  3. One of the Algerians spouses or both were born abroad ,must provide :
  4. Original birth certificate issued by the country of birth,
  5. Proof of Algerian Nationality (Algerian passport or Algerian National Identity).

Divorce registration:

In case of a divorce in the USA and if the marriage is already registered at our Consulate or in Algeria, an act of execution (Exequatur du jugement de divorce) must be obtained from the Court (Tribunal) in Algeria.

What is the Meaning of ( Exequatur d’un jugement) ?

Is an equivalent judgment obtained from an Algerian Court, by an Algerian judge, which makes enforceable on the National territory a final judgment of divorce from an American Court.

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