Libya crisis: Algeria voices deep concern over grave developments

APS – 27 May 2020

ALGIERS- Foreign Minister Sabri Boukadoum has expressed Algeria’s “deep” concern in the face of the grave developments in Libya in the mast weeks, reiterating its willingness to host Libyan dialogue and continue its efforts to bring the protagonists together in a bid to bridge the views.

In a message to mark Africa Day (25 May), which coincides with the 57th anniversary of the creation of the pan-African Organization, the African Union (AU), Boukadoum said the developments in Libya over the past few weeks “unfortunately confirm the opposing regional and international agendas, which seem to agree only on maintaining the situation of chaos in Libya.”

He added that Libya has become “the theatre of proxy wars” at the “expense of the blood of the brother Libyan people.”

The Foreign minister said the influx of weapons to Libya, in “flagrant violation” of UN resolutions, “has not only fuelled the civil war but also contributed to arming terrorist groups, which are now threatening the region’s security and hindering the political settlement of the crisis.”

Algeria, animated by the spirit of solidarity with the Libyan people, and in coordination and consultation with all Libyan parties, neighbouring countries, the African Union and the United Nations, will spare no effort to bring together the protagonists and bridge the views.”

In his message, the Algerian Foreign minister reiterated “Algeria’s willingness to host the Libyan dialogue,” stressing the “key role the neighbouring countries and the African Union must play in the UN-sponsored process for the resolution of the Libyan crisis.”