Letter from Mrs BOUKADOUM on the occasion of Legislative Elections

Dear Fellow Citizens, The Legislative Elections will be held on May 04th, 2017 in Algeria and overseas through all diplomatic and consular representations. In this regard, the Consulate General of Algeria in New York spared no effort in order to help its community members residing within the 44 states of its jurisdiction to take part in this important electoral event and is still working on providing the best possible conditions for you so your voice could be heard. A time frame was set for you for completing the registration in the electoral list; many of you responded and demonstrated their full and unconditional commitment and involvement. Decidedly, every Algerian is now aware of the importance of voting as it is not only an act but a right and duty that when completed contributes effectively to the shaping of the country’s future and yours consequently. This year election has highly improved from its precedent particularly in terms of transparency as a High Independent Authority for Elections Monitoring (HIISE) is put in place under the Organic Law. The Members of this Authority, who have been designated by HE the President of the Republic, will be in charge of inspecting and supervising the election process. As usual, the doors were open to everyone willing to run for legislative elections. In this regard, twelve (12) Parties are legally nominated as electoral participants in a list proportional representation. You as a voter will be called to choose one of the Parties to represent you in the Parliament Download in PDF ( List of candidates competing in zone 04 ). I am pleased to inform you that we have set up for you twelve (12) polling stations, opened from April 29th through May 04th from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM spread in the following locations: California (Los Angeles & San Francisco), Illinois (Chicago), Colorado (Denver), Michigan (Ann Arbor), Washington State (Seattle), Texas (Houston), Florida (Fort Lauderdale), Massachusetts (Boston), Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) , New Jersey (Jersey City), New York (Consulate General of Algeria) Download in PDF Locations of Polling Stations). My Dearest Compatriots, Be certain that your participation matters and will make a difference; your voice will have a great impact on the socio-political process and this so you grow proud and honored, wherever you are, of the role you played in the country’s development and prosperity. Finally, I would like to extend to you and to your families my warmest and best wishes for a bright and prosperous future and to renew to you all, personally and on behalf of the Consulate General staff, our absolute commitment to better serve your needs.


Consul General of Algeria in New York

List of candidates competing in zone Locations of Polling Stations