Legislative Elections 2017


MAY 4th

Dear Fellow Citizens,
The Legislative Elections will be held on May 04th, 2017 in Algeria and overseas through all diplomatic and consular representations.
In this regard, the Consulate General of Algeria in New York spared no effort in order to help its community members residing within the 44 states of its jurisdiction to take part in this important electoral event and is still working on providing the best possible conditions for you so your voice could be heard.
A time frame was set for you for completing the registration in the electoral list; many of you responded and demonstrated their full and unconditional commitment and involvement.
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The Consulate General of Algeria hereby informs the Algerian Community living in the United States that granting of power of attorney allowing proxy voting at the May 4, 2017 legislative elections shall end three (03) days prior to Election Day. For Further information, please call :
1-646-266-9282,1-917-21 5-1651 or send an Email to : rollreview2017@algeria-cgny.org
The Consulate General of Algeria wishes to inform the Algerian Community living in the United States that, pursuant to the provisions of Article 91-6 of the Constitution and the provisions of Organic Law No. 16-10 of August 25, 2016 pertaining to the Electoral System, H.E. the President of the Republic has signed last Thursday, February 2, 2017 a Presidential Decree notifying the electorate that the election of the members of the People's National Assembly shall be held on Thursday, May 4, 2017. The Presidential Decree also notifies the electorate that an exceptional revision of electoral lists shall be held from the 8th to the 22nd of February 2017.
The Consulate General of Algeria hereby informs the Algerian Community living within the 44 States of the following provisions called for in the Organic Law on the Electoral System :
• Article 18 - Any citizen whose name has been omitted from the Electoral List may, in the manner and time limit provided for in the applicable organic law, seek redress through a claim addressed to the Chairman of the Electoral Administrative Commission;
Article 19 - Any citizen registered on any electoral list for his/her electoral district may, in the manner and time limit provided for in the applicable organic law, submit a justified claim seeking either the removal of any person unduly registered or the registration of a person unduly omitted from the electoral district;
Article 20 - Claims seeking registration or removal of persons from a district electoral list, provided for in Articles 18 and 19, must be made within ten (10) days following posting of the notice announcing the end of the period of revision of the electoral list. This timeframe may be shortened to five (5) days in the case of exceptional revision of the electoral list. The Electoral Administrative Commission rules within three (3) days on all claims submitted.
The Chairman of the Electoral Administrative Commission must within three clear days notify all parties concerned to allow for consideration of legal recourse.
1. General Conditions Applicable to All Candidates
General Conditions applicable to all candidates for membership through election in the People's National Assembly are covered in Article 92 of the Organic Law on the Electoral System, which provides that any candidate to membership in the People's National Assembly must:
    Meet the requirements listed in Article 3 of the Organic Law on the electoral System and be registered in the electoral district in which s/he is running;
    Be at least twenty-five (25) years of age on Election Day;
    Be a Citizen of Algeria;
    Have performed, or been released of obligations of, draft military service;
    Not having been convicted and sentenced to incarceration for any offense or crime and be non-rehabilitated, except for involuntary offences.
2. Required Documentation for Application Pursuant to the provisions set forth in the Organic Law on the Electoral System, each candidate (full and alternate) carried on an electoral list must submit an application for candidacy including the following supporting documents:
2.1. For National Level Electoral Districts
    Statement of performance or waiver of obligation of draft military service;
    Algerian Citizenship Certificate;
    Extract No. 3 of the judicial record;
    One (1) ID picture;
    Extract of Birth Certificate for candidates born overseas and not listed in the National Automated Civil Status Register;
    Copy of the minutes reported by the chairman of the electoral district commission, whenever a slate of candidates is affected by registration of individual voter signatures;
    Copy of the program to be developed by the candidate during the electoral campaign, in the case of no-party candidates;
    Statement of sponsorship for candidates running as affiliated to one or several political parties.
2.2. For Overseas Electoral Districts
Slate of candidates presented at diplomatic and consular representations requires that candidates (full and alternate) provide the following additional documents:
    Copy of Algerian passport or National Identification Card;
    Extract of the judicial record issued by the competent authorities of the country of residence;
    Copy of the candidate's Consular Registration Card;
    Copy of the candidate's Voter Card or statement of registration on the Electoral List.
The diplomatic and consular representations will request on behalf of each candidate an extract of their judicial record from the competent national authorities.
Party candidates must submit either a statement of sponsorship of their candidacy issued by the leadership of the political party or parties they are affiliated with or a statement from the leadership of the political party or parties authorizing the candidate to represent them locally. No-party candidates must submit evidence of at least two hundred (200) signatures provided by registered voters residing in their electoral district in support of their candidacy.