When walk-in bring:
  • Your Receipt,
  • Your Old Algerian ID card,
  • Your Birth certificate 12s ( It will be returned to you after printing the NIN).
When requesting its mailing:
  • A notarized Sworn Statement,
  • Your Receipt,
  • Original 12S ( If the NIN is not Printed),
  • Old Algerian ID card,,
  • A prepaid priority mail, certified mail ,or overnight mail return envelope (C4 or C5 size) bearing applicant’s address and a Tracking number (regular mail are not accepted) .

  • Presence of children aged less than 12 years old is not necessary.
  • A paternal authorization when the mother is picking the kids ID cards.
  • In case of divorce, a Court Order with full custody and guardianship delivered by the Algerian competent authority when the children ID is picked up by the mother.
  • When the father is not Algerian the mother is the one to pick up the ID.