Electronic portal for registration of 25,000 Algerian experts abroad

APS – 01 June 2020

ALGIERS- An electronic portal for the registration of more than 25,000 Algerian experts abroad and their involvement into “the national effort aimed at the development of the country” has been created, Secretary of State for the national community and experts abroad, Rachid Bladehane, announced on Monday in Algiers.

Bladehane was speaking before the members of the People’s National Assembly (APN) Committee on Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Emigration, chaired by Abdelkader Abdellaoui, and Minister for Foreign Affairs, Sabri Boukadoum.

An action plan has been presented to the Government by the ministerial department responsible for the affairs of Algerian community established abroad in order to integrate them into “the national effort for development,” reporting “more 25,000 Algerian experts established abroad specializing in several fields, notably medicine and modern technologies.”

The “electronic portal will be a space for communication between the experts and national institutions, notably universities,” he continued, emphasizing the possibility for the Algerian experts to participate in the various projects proposed by national establishments.

In this regard, he said that “contacts were established, two days before, with Algerian experts established in the United States, Canada and France,” stressing that ” contacts will pursue with other experts to enable them to serve their country.” Bladehane also said that “these experts have expressed their readiness to contribute to the effort aimed at developing the country.”