Commemoration of Yennayer 2969 in Algeria

“As part of the commemoration of the Amazigh New Year “Yennayer 2969” in Algeria, the Minister of Culture, Mr. Azzedine Mihoubi inaugurated the 2nd Amazigh Heritage and Handicraft Week on Sunday 6, 2019 at the Palace of Rais “Bastion 23” in Algiers, in the presence of the Governor of Algiers, Mr. Abdelkader Zoukh and representatives of Algiers’ Culture Directorate.

This cultural event is aimed at promoting and celebrating the Amazigh historical, cultural and culinary heritage. It includes exhibitions of Amazigh handicrafts (outfits, jewelry, poetry…) and a set of cultural activities (conferences, poetry readings and contests), as well as a cooking contest of traditional dishes of Yennayer”.

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