Bladehane participates in videoconference with Algerian experts abroad

APS – 31 May 2020

ALGIERS-State Secretary to Foreign Affairs Minister in charge of national community and experts abroad Rachid Bladehane attended a videoconference held by the National Institute of Trade and Management (INCG) of Sétif, in which participated Algerian university teachers and experts in the United States, Canada and France, said the Foreign Affairs Ministry in a communiqué.

On this occasion, “Bladehane presented Algerian authorities’ policy towards the national community abroad, based on dialogue and trustful relations, and focused on their contribution to the development of our country.”

“The videoconference was also an opportunity for the Algerian elite abroad to express their concern,” said the Foreign Ministry.

The same official explained the “the Government Action Plan to deal with these concerns and the goals of the interactive web-platform for business contacts and exchanges between the Algerian elite and businessmen, which is currently being developed.”

The speakers expressed their “readiness” to contribute to national development and “raised some concerns regarding the autonomy of universities, the creation of centres of excellence and the eradication of bureaucracy, for which the Secretary of State promised to refer to the Algerian authorities in order to provide appropriate solutions,” said the source.