Birth registration


If you are an Algerian citizen parent of a child born in the USA within the 44 States you should report the birth as soon as possible to the Consulate General of Algeria. One of the parents must be Algerian.

Required documents

  •  Application for Consular Report of Birth Abroad of a Citizen of Algeria. Please complete the information requested form and sign,
  • Child’s original American birth certificate issued by the State Health Vital Records Office. We do not accept certificate without TIME OF BIRTH,
  • Proof of citizenship for the Algerian citizen parent(s), such as an original Algerian birth certificate, Copy of Algerian passport, Copy of Consular Registration card, Copy of Algerian Identity Card or Algerian Naturalization certificate,
  • Provide an original or certified copy of the marriage certificate,
  • Family Book (if you have one).
Make sure, the first and last name of the parents shown on child’s birth certificate is the same as it appears on the Algerian Civil Status register.