Biometric Passport


Applications for passports are submitted to the Consulate General of Algeria in New York (for those living within the (44 States).

Each applicant, except children under 12 years, must be present in person at the Consulate General after submitting the application in order to capture photography, fingerprint and signature.

For children under age of 12, photography, fingerprint and signature capture are not required, and mailing their paperwork with a certified return envelope is sufficient if the parents are not able to drop off their requests.

Required Documents

If you want your passports delivered by mail
  • A notarized sworn statement ,
  • Old passport,
  • A prepaid CertifiedPriority or Overnight mail return envelope.
  • Prepaid return envelopes MUST be certified mail with a tracking number.
  • Name of applicant MUST appear as the SENDER and RECEIVER of the mail.
  • We recommend USPS since DHL, FedEx and UPS do not collect mail form the General Consulate premises.
Each applicant must fulfill the following:
  • A copy of a valid consular registration card (Parent’s card for minors) (apply or renew).
  • Two (02) identity photos in compliance with ICAO standards (application will be rejected if photographs don’t meet requirements).
  • Original 12S Birth Certificate.
  • Copy of the first page of the expired passport.
  • Passport form to be filled and signed by each applicant or by parents for minors.
  • A copy of a proof of US residency (Green Card, valid student Visa or US passport).
  • A proof of employment for workers or school verification letter for students.
  • Book an appointment.
USPS Money Order :
  • Seventy-Five USD ($75) for each adult over 19 years old.
  • Thirty-seven USD and fifty cents ($37.50) for each minor aged under 19 years old and for students with regular proof.
In case of loss, stole, or damage of a passport an additional tax is required:
  • One-Hundred-Twenty-Five ($125) for adults
  • Sixty-two and a half ($62.5) for minors and students.
Only USPS money orders are accepted (No cash, personal money orders, checks or credit cards). 

Passport Tracking

  • Passports are issued in Algeria. This means the procedure entails weeks delay between the submission of the request and obtaining the passport.
  • Using the tracking number on their receipt, applicants can check the status of their application a week after completing the fingerprint, picture and signature capture at:

Pick up and Delivery

When your passport is ready for pickup you can either take it from the Consulate General Location or request its mailing. If the mother wants to pick kids passports, a paternal authorization is required or, in case of divorce, a Court Order with full custody and guardianship delivered by the Algerian competent authority. When the father is not an Algerian citizen, the mother is the one to pick up the passport.

When walk-in bring:

  • The Receipt,
  • The Old Algerian Passport,
  • The Birth certificate 12S (Will be returned with the National Identification Number printed on it).