12s online


As a facilitating measure to obtain the special birth certificate ’12s’, compulsory for the issuance of the biometric passport, the consulate General of Algeria in New York informs the Algerian citizens born in Algeria, residing within the 44 States, registered at the consulate, that they can apply online for the special birth certificate ’12s’ through a website made available to them by the Ministry of the Interior and Local Authorities: http://demande12s.interieur.gov.dz.

  • The application is to be made after registration of the applicant by clicking on Inscription in the main menu or on “Inscrivez-vous rapidement” on the left side of the home page;
  • After completing the registration, an email will be sent containing the applicant’s password (if the email doesn’t appear in the Inbox, it’s advisable to check the Spam folder);
  • By logging in using your e-mail and the password received, you can make your applications by clicking on “Demande du 12s“;
  • The applicant can track online the progress of the processing of her/his application by clicking on “Suivi de la demande” after logging in. This feature allows applicants to stay informed about the status of all their applications;
  • The citizen must come to the Consulate, with an Algerian ID (passport, ID or consular registration card), to withdraw his/her document when ready (the 12s can’t be sent by mail).



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