Dear All, Salam Alaykoum – Azul fellawen – Greetings It is my pleasure to welcome you all to the new version of the website of the Consulate General of Algeria in New York! Fairly, the redesigning of the website was one of our service improvement and customer satisfaction plans as we are aware of the importance of this indispensable platform of communication. This new website is, undoubtedly, a valuable and reliable source of information for you as an Algerian or foreigner seeking one of our consular services. We aspire to offer you, through this more navigable window, easily accessible information about the services we provide. Thus, we sought to feature a new visual design that will play a key role in reinforcing our relation and laying out a more detailed structure with additional explanations. Also, should we note that any change in the processing of one of the Consulate’s offered services will be announced to you without delay on the website’s homepage. Our economic, cultural, and social activities, forums and celebrations will appear to you on the “Events” section. Allow me to seize this opportunity to renew to all you, personally and on behalf of the Consulate’s staff, our commitment to better serve your needs and that we will always happy to receive your comments and consider your suggestions.  


Consul general of Algeria in New York

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