Ethics Charter for respect of election process

APS – 13 November 2019

ALGIERS-The Charter of Ethics of Electoral Practices, drawn up by the National Independent Authority for Elections (ANIE) and intended for stake holders in the electoral process, will be sealed Saturday in Algiers, the authority announced Wednesday.

This Charter “sets out the guiding principles and specific practices related to the moral behaviour expected from the players of the electoral process,” according to copy of this document.

It is based on “deep and lasting” respect for the democratic process and compliance with the laws and subsequent texts that codify the rules of elections and electoral campaigns.”

The document stipulates that moral conduct relating to the electoral process “means respect for basic democratic principles through the free exercise of democratic rights without intimidation, including the right to stand as a candidate, the right to vote, the secrecy of the vote, the transparency of election campaign financing and the independence and neutrality of the institution in charge of elections and the department that depend on it.”

It also states that “all actors involved in the electoral process must accept the responsibility to act in such a way as to maintain and strengthen the citizen’s confidence in the integrity and transparency of the electoral process.”

The Charter also contains 10 general principles, including the commitment of all actors involved in the electoral process to the principles of “free and fair” elections and respect for electoral laws. It also stipulates that the ANIE members, its branches and administrative services under its jurisdiction commit “to respecting the principle of neutrality, impartiality and fair treatment of candidates for elections and to refraining from any conduct or action likely to alter these principles.”

Candidates and political parties participating in the elections pledge to “making truthful public statements and must refrain from any defamatory statements, insults, invective towards another candidate or actor in the electoral process and any other statement that they know to be false.”

This Charter also concerns the managers of TV channels, written and electronic media and their dependents, who commit to informing voters of their rights, the dates of registration of appeals on the electoral lists and the programmes of candidates for election. Moreover, they ensure comprehensive, balanced and objective coverage during all phases of the electoral process, in an impartial manner and without any discrimination between candidates.


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