withdrawal of passport

The Consulate General of Algeria in New York invites its community members, residing within the 44 states of its jurisdiction, whose passports are confirmed ready on the consulate website through the link  Passport Tracking to get in touch, immediately, with the passport department for the withdrawal of their biometric passport.

It shall be made known to all Algerian nationals that pursuant to the provisions set out in the Act 14/03, dated on 24th February 2014 relating to permits and travel documents, and in particular article 10: « Any passport acquired and not withdrawn by the holder is destroyed 6 months after the announced notice of withdrawal. In such cases, except in cases of force majeure, the stamp duty required for the application of a new passport is equal to twice the stamp duty prescribed. Please check the attached list of receipt number, indicating passports available at the consulate. This list will be updated soon.



  1. It is absolutely unfair to designate one point in the east coast
    There must be at least 3 locations throughout the States
    Most people are busy with their life style, going to NY from any point requires time and budget
    The general consulate of Algeria should provide leadership and real effort to help it’s citizens

  2. I have a family of 5 we leave at west coast California so I need almost 4000$ to go ther and get my passports it’s not fair you don’t cair about your sitizens I know you will say we did came over there. But I’m the first sending you all the application of passport papers you never told me to go to the fingerprints and the last time you won’t me to to Colorado 3days before that’s not human I desided to not having a passports and go like a tourist withe visa to my country it’s shame

  3. Thank you for the great vivid services, it was really impressive to see such accommodations especially that I reside in a different state. God bless!

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